Antoine Turzi, Founder of Biobridge Foundation, speaks about the First Russian Congress Biobridge Russia Ortho 2019

Biobridge Russia Ortho 2019, the first Russian congress of the Biobridge Foundation international scientific-practical platform, will be held on 29 June within the framework of the Cell Technologies section at the 2019 Eurasian Orthopedic Forum. Antoine Turzi, President of Biobridge Foundation and CEO of Regen Lab, spoke about the topics to be covered at the congress and which internationally acclaimed experts among biologists, traumatologists, and orthopedists will speak at the Forum.

Mr. Turzi, how did the history of the Biobridge international congresses begin and what does this name mean?

The idea to unite professionals from the most diverse medical fields, all of them using cell and biological technologies, came to us long ago. We implemented it in 2008, more than 10 years ago. Our goal is to let doctors, biochemists, tissue engineering specialists, and health experts share their experience and outline further steps for the development of cell technologies. The first congress was successfully held in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations. The name Biobridge reflects the link between the practical medicine and basic research, the link between developers and users of medical products, the link between the past, present, and the future.

What was the target audience of the Biobridge congress at the first stage of its existence?

We brought together (and still do that) practicing orthopedists, traumatologists, surgeons, rheumatologists, sports rehabilitation therapists, as well as gynecologists, urologists and dermatologists. The scientific and expert part is represented by molecular and cell biologists and biotechnologists who participate in testing medical products and start using them in their clinical practice. We invite a wide circle of experts; especially we are happy to see our current and future partners who are already using or planning to use our technologies in their work. We embrace all experts aware of the potential of biological medical techniques.

The home platform for Biobridge is Venice, a crossroads of civilizations, the cradle of world culture and art. This is the point of exchange of intellectual properties and scientific materials. The geography of application of our medical products is steadily expanding, so we are not limited to Europe only. In 2018, Biobridge Foundation held a congress for the Asia-Pacific region in Sydney.

What topics are covered at the Biobridge congress? How has the scope of issues been changing over the years?

Biobridge covers a wide range of relevant issues for practitioners, ranging from the fundamental aspects of cell interactions to the economic feasibility of using specific technologies in practice. Recently, more and more reasons have been presented at congresses for including the cell therapy in insurance programmes, in particular, PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma). Expert assessment of the technology effectiveness shows its high economic attractiveness for the health care industry.

Who are the speakers at Biobridge congresses?

The Scientific Board of Biobridge pays special attention to who will speak at our events. Only highly innovative research works based on solid evidence are presented at Biobridge. This is exactly what we are planning for the Biobridge Ortho Russia programme. I am sure it will exceed your expectations. We cooperate with global opinion leaders, among them the rheumatologist Jean-Luc Renevier; Patrick Goh, Sports Doctor of the International Sports Medicine Department at the Camden Center in Singapore; rheumatologist Jean-François Marc; Alberto Gobbi, Italian surgeon, researcher in the field of traumatology, orthopedics, sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, cartilage restoration; Robert E. Marx, Professor, Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the University of Miami; Belgian molecular biologist Mark Van Montagu, and others.

How did you come up with the idea to hold Biobridge Russia Ortho 2019 in Moscow?

The idea of a Russian Biobridge came to us a long time ago because many speakers at our international congresses are from Russia. Experts with clever heads and golden hands work in your wonderful country. Among those who took part in Biobridge congresses are prominent Russian orthopedic traumatologists, specifically Professors Nikolay Zagorodny, Guram Lazishvili, Leonid Brizhan, holder of doctorate degree in medicine Maksim Strakhov, and other experts. In Russia, Biobridge is represented by our wonderful partner Anti-Aging Medicine Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Regen Lab, and thanks to their work we have accumulated unique materials to be presented at the EOF.

Why will Biobridge Russia be interesting? What topics will be in the focus of attention?

Our reports will certainly cover standardization of cell products. As you probably already know, Europe has launched the process of re-registering medical products for PRP therapy. Till 2020, the use of medical products must be clinically justified, that is, full-fledged proof of the effectiveness and safety in each specific application sphere must be provided for registration. This is good for us, because we have high-quality clinical data. We will certainly touch on our innovations, i.e., the Cellular Matrix system. This is the first medical product in the world registered for therapeutic use and providing for a single-step combined intra-articular implant of the patient’s autologous plasma with hyaluronic acid. We will share the results of post-marketing research showing that Cellular Matrix is able to improve the quality and thickness of cartilage in case of osteoarthritis.

What medical professionals should visit Biobridge Russia Ortho?

We are waiting for everyone who is willing to employ biological techniques in their practical work – both doctors who are familiar with autologous cellular products and those who are just beginning to look into this promising area. I know that there is great interest in cellular products on the part of Russian orthopedists. This area is very important to us too. That is why, being a leading innovator in the manufacture of products for PRP therapy, Regen Lab invests enormous resources in the study of technologies combining autologous PRP with cells of medullary blood, adipose tissue, and fibroblasts. Perhaps, we will share the latest data on such technologies at Biobridge Russia Ortho. Welcome!

As the founder of Biobridge, can you say that you have achieved your goals and that the project to create and further develop the congress brought the result you wanted?

The Biobridge project even exceeded our expectations; it became a real knowledge base for thousands of experts, and its geography has been expanding from year to year.

Would you please say a few words of how you plan to further develop the Biobridge congress over the next few years?

I would not like to put all the cards on the table now. I will be happy to talk about it at Biobridge Russia Ortho in June 2019.

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