Christian Van der Werken, one of the most prominent members of АО Trauma, will take part in the EOF

On June 29 the Symposium of the International Association of Osteosynthesis AOTrauma will be held as part of the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum to cover relevant issues in treatment of lower limb injuries, including complicated cases. Renowned expert practitioners of AOTrauma will give their presentations.

Among them is Professor Christian Van der Werken (the Netherlands), who has been collaborating with the International Association of Osteosynthesis AOTrauma since 1974. Since 1988 to date, he has been a member of the АОTrauma Trustees Board.

“AOTrauma provides multiple possibilities for doctors to get training and create a net for professional communication in various formats, including books, websites, journals, videos, and, of course, our seminars, symposia and courses held worldwide and where orthopedic traumatologists can get valuable experience enhancing their medical expertise, - says Christian Van der Werken. – The EOF is of great interest to us, since doctors from all over Eurasia come to take part in the event. That is why we have chosen it as a venue for our symposium.”

At the EOF AOTrauma symposium, Professor Van der Werken will speak about the history of the association and tell the audience how the approaches adopted by AOTrauma changed over time shifting from open fractures reduction to minimally invasive procedures.

“We used to give open surgeries to re-align and immobilize broken bones; the primary purpose was to regain mechanical stability. Such an approach required wide incisions and large implants. Fragments where re-aligned anatomically and held by compression until primary healing without callus formation, – says Professor Van der Werken. – However, in the 1990s, the association adopted another concept that consists in a gentler approach of minimally invasive procedures, re-alignment of fragments functionally and aiming for relative stability to ensure more natural healing with callus formation.”

In addition, Christian Van der Werken is going to discuss minimally invasive treatment for distal femoral fractures; the Professor will also speak about cases where osteotomy should be performed to correct malunions of the distal tibia. The Professor will also present the most interesting cases from his practice.
Reports by highly reputed experts of Russian АОTrauma will be presented as well; among them are the Chairman of AOTrauma Russia Board Igor Belenkiy, Head trauma surgeon of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Professor Vladimir Khominets, Head trauma surgeon of the Moscow Healthcare Department Professor Vadim Dubrov, etc.


AOTrauma is an international osteosynthesis association created to improve the quality of medical aid to traumatological patients throughout the world. Its primary focus is educational programs for doctors that would improve their surgical skills. Apart from this, AOTrauma is engaged in extensive research and development work creating new osteosynthesis technologies.

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