Course in Foot Surgery to be Presented by Pierre and Samuel Barouk, Martin Kirshner and Thanos Badekas

The Educational Course in Surgery of the Foot and Ankle Joint will be taught on 28-29 June as part of the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum under the auspices of Europe’s acclaimed surgeons. The course provides for analysis of clinical cases. The course is unique and has been developed specifically for the EOF in cooperation with the Russian Association of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (RUSFAS). The lectures will be read by the internationally acclaimed surgeons including Pierre Barouk and Samuel Barouk (France), Martin Kirshner (Germany) and Thanos Badekas (Greece).

The leading world experts and Russian practicing chiropodists will convene on the EOF grounds as part of the educational course in order to share their experience with experts engaged in treating foot pathologies in countries of the Eurasian continent. The educational course in the EOF has practical tasks. Apart from the analysis of clinical cases provided by the moderators, each participant will be able to discuss cases from his/her practice. As part of the course, podiatry experts will discuss problems and trends in the foot and ankle surgery, issues related to minimally invasive and traditional surgical procedures.

Samuel Barouk (Dr. Samuel Barouk), the founder of a school and philosophy of operations on the forefoot, and his son Pierre (Dr. Pierre Barouk) will present their reports in Russia for the first time. Pierre Barouk, continuing his father’s legacy, has brought foot operations to even greater heights. His techniques are justly considered to be the most delicate and low-traumatic in the world.

In addition, the participants in the course will for the first time see Dr. Martin H. Kirshner (MD, PhD, FICS, assistant professor of surgery department) in Russia. Doctor Kirshner is a renowned orthopedist and a lector, who has managed to develop and use biodegradable metal implants that do not require subsequent removal and completely dissolve in the bone.

Dr. Thanos Badekas (MD, PhD, Director of Henry Dunan 3d Orthopedic Clinical Hospital, Member of Council of EFAS - President of Greece Association of Foot and Ankle surgery) will visit Russia twice this year. Thanos will first appear in Saint Petersburg in April 2019 at the RUSFAS congress, then in Moscow at the EOF 2019. Professor Badekas is a unique practicing surgeon. He performs both operations on foot bones and soft tissue. Apart from that, he operates on patients with severe foot deformations, even in cases where many chiropodists plead helpless.
At the end of the course each participant will receive a EOF certificate signed by the course moderators; the document confirms that its holder has undergone training in the most effective and up-to-date methods of correcting foot and ankle deformations.

To participate in the Educational Course in Surgery of the Foot and Ankle Joint, please register on the EOF official website

Detailed programme of the course is available in the section Scientific Programme.

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